Saturday, July 10, 2010


Films that feature unconscious men and their feet are non-existant as far as I know. I think Footbuddies had a few videos that feature sleeping men having their feet worshipped. They're very hot, but not exactly what I was looking for, you know?

But I stumbled upon something fantastic.

A few fellows wrote and directed a more-than-full-length feature film about a Secret Society of foot-loving females who go after men with a vegeance to get their feet! They knock these guys out and even kill just for the chance to suck their victim's toes and whatnot! I saw the "trailers" first on their YouTube channel and based on those alone I wrote and asked if the film was available to be purchased. They were, but I agreed not to post any of the film here, but I could post stills if I wanted.

Anyway, the film in it's unedited form is like seven hours long. Enough to fill the two double-layer discs I was sent. And the footage just blew me away! The only problem I had was that it was GIRLS knocking out the guys and dealing with their feet! How much hotter would it have been if it were guys knocking out the guys and having their way with the toes and soles of those unconscious studs!? Still, the footage was mind-blowing and I have to tip my hat to those guys.

I enjoy stories that deal with guys being rendered unconscious before having their shoes and socks removed and their feet (voraciously or tenderly) worshipped. Good stories that feature guys being drugged unconscious or conked on the head are rare. But stories that feature guys being knocked out before having their feet worshipped is darn-near impossible to find.

But I find them.

The greatest consistent collection is probably located at The main story writer there (in the pay section, not the FREE section) seems to be one of us--someone who fantasizes about the feet of fellows who have been knocked unconscious and so on.

For everyone who delights in the fantasy of having their way with the feet of unconscious guys. Ever felt like sucking the toes of a sedated stud? Licking the soles of a limp, lifeless-looking lad? Tenderly pecking kisses on the precious piggies of a passed-out person? Simple sniffing the feet of a fallen, fainted fellow? We want to hear about it.